Fire Blanket

Soft Case Fire Blanket

Product details 

Fire blankets are a fast, effective way to smother a small fire. Ideal for use on hot oil fires in kitchens, small bin and clothing fires. Designed to be wall mounted, this fire blanket is lightweight and quick to release and use in the event of a fire.

  • Red screen-printed soft PVC pack
  • Large, clear pictorial instructions
  • Quick Release Velcro fastening
  • Available in one size Colour: Red Size: 8m x 1.2m

Rigid Case Fire Blanket


Product Details

Fire blankets are a fast way to smother a fire in an emergency. Primarily for use on hot oil fires in kitchens such as frying pans or small deep fat fryers. They can also be used on small bin fires or on someone whose clothing has caught fire. This double sided glass fibre blanket is the best performing fire blanket material in the range.

• Red durable single-piece moulded design case
• Large, clear pictorial instruction label
• Premium quality double side white coated glass cloth material
• Available in two sizes



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