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Extinguisher Hoses

Extinguisher Hoses

Extinguisher Hoses

Extinguisher Hoses

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    Trojan Fire Security Limited is proud to offer quality fighting equipment and services in Kenya. Fires are unpredictable and highly destructive and we are there to ensure you and your property remain safe.

    We are a customer-focused company that aims to provide our customers with only the best quality products. All our members of staff are highly trained and more than willing to assist you with anything you need.

    At Trojan Fire Security Limited, we strive to provide you with an exceptional customer experience. Our commitment to this cause leads us to collaborate only with companies of similar integrity and values.

    Trojan Fire Security is committed to protecting all our customers from fires within and outside of Nairobi. We provide durable and high-quality products and services.


    Your journey with Trojan Fire Security Limited does not end once you make your purchase. We offer free consultation services to identify any other needs you may have as well as to conduct regular repairs and maintenance on all our products.

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