Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training , Trojan has a comprehensive training Programme. which covers basic Fire Safety & Fighting skills and Training of Fire Wardens

1. Basic Fire Safety Training

This course contents include:

  • 1. Combustion principles

  • 2. Classes of Fire

  • 3. Fire extinguishment theory

  • 4.The selection and operation of various fire extinguishers

  • 5.Evacuation principles and Emergency Response preparedness

2. Fire Warden Training

This involves:

Identification of persons and training them so that they can oversee the functions of fire safety and implementation of evacuation procedure in the organisation as Fire Wardens -

Roles of a Fire Warden are:

  • 1. Fire risk assessment at work.

  • 2. Action in the event of fire

  • 3. Extinguishing fire at early stages

  • 4. Fire drills / evacuation.

Categories of fire