Legal Notice No 59.

The Minister for Labour and Human Resources Development on 4th May 2007 gazetted the Fire Risk Reduction Rules 2007, Legal Notice No.59 which among other things require that every owner or occupier of a workplace shall–

  • 1. Cause a fire Safety Audit at the workplace to be carried out at least once in every period of 12 months by an approved fire safety auditor.

  • 2. Establish a fire fighting team at the workplace.

  • 3. Ensure that every member of the fire fighting team undertakes a basic fire safety training course within three months from the date of appointment into the fire fighting team.

  • 4. The selection and operation of various fire extinguishers

  • 5. Ensure that a fire drill is conducted at least once in every period of 12 months and a record of such a drill kept available for inspection.

  • 6. Establish and implement a written fire safety policy outlining the organization and arrangements for carrying out the policy.

  • 7. Ensure that any door of any store where flammable substances are stored is constructed in a manner that the door shall be self closing, opening outwards or sliding and capable of containing smoke from within the work room, in event of a fire.

  • 8. Identify a location in the work place where every worker shall assemble in the event of a fire.

  • 9. Providing suitable means of alerting persons in the work place in the event of a fire, and such means shall be made known to all workers.