Since its inception about two decades ago, Trojan has been promoting safety against fire in all walks of life. At Trojan, we emphasize on avoidance of fire rather than fight it; but in case of accidental fires, one should be prepared with the knowhow & skills to extinguish that fire.

Our areas of specialization are:

1. Fire Risk Assessment & Audits

2. Fire Safety Training

3. Fire Equipments- Sales & service

4. Fire Alarm Systems

5. Legislative Compliance.

Fire Risk Assessment varies depending on the type of establishment i.e. its activity, structure of its premises etc. Trojan has highly qualified technical professionals.

Fire Safety Training , Trojan has a comprehensive training Programme. which covers basic Fire Safety & Fighting skills and Training of Fire Wardens .

Fire Equipments,Trojan has a large base of cross-section of clients nationwide with a strong back-up of technical staff,fleet of vehicles and quality equipment.

Fire Alarm and suppression systems,Trojan supplies & installs MAVIGARD, the world renowned fire alarm & detecting systems.

Trojan markets Fire Pro aerosol systems a revolutionary space technology to suppress fire.

Legislative Compliance,Trojan offers consultative services for legislative compliance based on Legal Notice No. 59.